We are overloaded with data  it’s coming from our call centers, our websites, our retail partners, our media agencies.

We’ve got GRPs, click-throughs, likes, and share of voice to help us to measure marketing activities, but this leaves us with a dizzying array of metrics where we are comparing apples and pears. 

We need a human-centred marketing approach that puts the customer center stage. We call this Experience Driven Marketing. It’s based on learnings from capturing experiences over the last 12 years and our proprietary Experience Model and Metrics. And it’s been shown to drive brand growth.

We’ve put all this together and created an Experience Driven Marketing Manifesto – six short videos for each key point in our manifesto. 

These videos will teach you: 

  • Why it’s important to organize around customers rather than products and why it’s crucial to take responsibility for every touchpoint
  • What new metrics you need to monitor to take action for brand growth
  • How to use context to help optimize your media