The role of financial services and retail banking is changing forever.  

Media inflation is still rising, the competitor set is getting bigger and brand trust is still woefully low. Marketers need a data source that looks through the eyes of the customer. Unless a marketer understands every way someone encounters their brand, how can they decide how best to create compelling experiences for their customers and prospects?

This taster presentation will give you key insights and strategies to help you: 

  • Inject more meaning into your brand purpose with our drivers of happiness insight – new methods to classify campaigns according to what people take out; from deep seated cultural affinity that sticks through to more fleeting hedonic messaging.
  • Maximise the performance of all your media – not just broadcast with our insights across paid, owned and earned media – new metrics to help create compelling experiences that are persuasive across every touchpoint.
  • Optimise your brand campaign with learnings on the winners and losers in recent retail banking campaigns – holistic view of how campaigns are working across all media.