The role of brick and mortar retail is changing forever.  

Existing measures - from brand tracking modules to exit interviews, ethnography, video in-store and eye-tracking - all have inherent problems from poor-quality data to cost. The Retail Revolution demonstrates the opportunity for our industry to help clients better understand the seismic change in consumer behaviour in the retail sector.

How can new technology optimise real-time experience data in measuring ROI? 

MESH Experience Real-time Retail is a radical new way to understand how retail display reaches and engages audiences. Tech-enabled, using cameras and algorithms, the approach is helping major clients understand how retail display is working, supplying the missing pieces of the path to purchase. It can, and it will, build brands.

This approach can help answer questions such as:

  • Which days of the week or times of the day does my display work most successfully?

  • What is the cost per interaction, engagement and purchase?

  • Does brand building display work better than price offer display?