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Owned Channels are the next frontier for marketing effectiveness measurement.

Why? Because they represent an amazing opportunity for brand growth.

Over the last 20 years, we’ve created fantastic frameworks to understand how Paid media works.  But the marketing landscape is transforming and we are looking for spaces and places where our brands have a right to show up. 

We’ve only just begun exploring Owned Channels, but we are seeing a vast and fertile territory over the horizon and we want brands to harness this. 

We’ve been working with the IPA to develop a report on how owned channels perform for brands and how they measure up against paid and earned. How should we define them? What role do they play in the funnel? How do they deliver on brand experience? And how do we integrate them into measurement systems?

This new report – Owned Channels: the next frontier for marketing effectiveness measurement – was launched at IPA EffWorks Global and authored by our Founder, Fiona Blades.