mesh-importance-of-measuring-soe-Nov 2022

Share of Experience is the metric that, if measured correctly, could unlock growth for your brand.

Here's why:

Share of Voice (SOV) has always been an important metric for marketers to monitor. But SOV only measures what we, as marketers, push out.

Is there a measure of brand pickup that gives a fuller picture?

We have investigated a new metric – share of experience (SOE) – to see how this can help marketers. Share of experience is the percentage of total brand experiences that a brand has in relation to the total market.

We believe that using the Share of Experience (SOE) metric will be more helpful to marketers than using Share of Voice (SOV) to unlock brand growth because SOE:

  • has a stronger relationship with market share than SOV
  • picks up Owned, Earned and Environmental experiences—as well as Paid—to enable 360º marketing
  • can be further utilized by analyzing Share of Positive Experiences to find an even greater predictive power