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In 2022, MESH Experience was honored to partner with the IPA in its three-year initiative to put a spotlight onto Owned Channels and their measurement.

Following the first paper, Owned Channels: the next frontier for marketing effectiveness measurement, where we outlined why Owned Channels were so important, in 2023 we explored with industry leaders how to measure Owned Channels.

One of the most striking aspects of speaking with clients, agencies and measurement experts was the dangers we are currently facing by not taking Owned Channels into consideration. Rob Chandler, Head of Data Analytics, EMEA, Ogilvy explained:

“As most evaluation focuses on paid media optimisation, Owned Channels are often missed entirely, or lost in data noise or limitations of many marketing evaluation techniques.

The result is misattribution and severely misguided investment decisions”

With Owned Channels growing in importance, due to D2C, first party data and declining attention spans for advertising, it is evident that we need to create frameworks for the industry to adopt.

Check out the presentation to:

  • Review the Definition of Owned Channels (and the nuances and complexities surrounding this)
  • See what clients like Diageo and Hotel Chocolat are measuring (and how industry leaders see the potential to measure differently in the future)
  • Understand the Hub and Spoke approach to modelling (to harness all data)
  • Review a new Experience Impact Score (that MESH Experience announced. This breaks down the contribution of every Paid, Owned and Earned experience to brand equity).
  • See how Owned is being incorporated into the IPA TouchPoints Channel Planner


We are also absolutely delighted to be providing the IPA and those in the industry with a new tool, available on an easy-to-use dashboard, that has pie charts for the proportion of Paid, Owned and Earned experiences from category to category.


For instance, retail is heavily skewed towards Owned and comparison websites are heavily skewed towards Paid.

The dashboard also includes illustrative lists of Paid, Owned and Earned experiences to consider in both creating and measuring activation.

In interviewing industry leaders it became clear that we have a big cultural challenge ahead to incorporate Owned Channel measurement into measurement ecosystems. Silos between customer experience and brand, between financial models and media models, matrix organisations that leave “orphaned measurement” mean that we need to clearly articulate the story for taking an integrated approach.

Creating tools to help us is one step on this journey.

About MESH Experience

MESH Experience is a data, analytics, and insight consultancy working with Fortune 500 companies like Delta Air Lines and LG Electronics. The company focuses on measuring experiences to help forward-thinking organizations to make better marcoms, CX, and path to purchase investment decisions through understanding the whole customer experience. MESH Experience’s unique Real-time Experience Tracking (RET) aims to help clients see the world through the customers’ eyes. The company collects and analyses data in real-time across the full spectrum of what people experience about a brand - all paid, owned, and earned touchpoints – allowing brands and campaigns to be set in their proper context. More information on the company’s notable achievements, case studies, key leadership, and history can be found at www.meshexperience.com.

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