Embracing Experience Metrics for Marketing Success


Monday October 16th, Dana DiGregorio of MESH Experience joined Matt Scheckner, Chairman and CEO of Advertising Week NY on stage, in a discussion around the value of measuring experiences. The discussion, “Embracing Experience Metrics for Marketing Success”, hit on pain points for marketers and advertisers alike:

  • - Share of Voice only measures a portion of paid media, leaving so many paid touchpoints not properly measured – if at all.
  • - Owned Channels are THE hottest touchpoint and topic right now as indicated by a recent project and presentation in collaboration with the IPA, yet typical measurement systems like MMM don’t include them leading to inaccurate models and investment decisions.
  • - If you focus only on what you push out and don’t measure what people actually pick up in their world, you’re just not putting your customer at the heart of decision making.

Dana challenged the marketers in the audience when asked: When realizing that existing modeling and measurement is flawed, what steps can businesses take to rectify this and ensure their decision-making aligns with their marketing performance?

“Drop your ego.  I say this with kindness and the best of intentions.  But so many businesses are siloed, and the brand team doesn’t want to hear about the CX problems, the CX team can’t be bothered with what’s happening in-store and everyone is in the Hunger Games for budget. But businesses and teams have to work together to grow their brand, and when you have the opportunity to bring all your metrics together in context – take it.  Align and assess your current data needs and gaps and reevaluate what can be better.  Experience data is amazing at filling the gaps and complementing current brand tracking, for example, because you may see brand metrics move in your legacy brand tracker but, be honest, you have no idea why.  The CMO doesn’t know if this is because of the new ad on TV or because the call center is offering free Ferrari’s when opening a new checking account!  Experience data adds the context and “Why” to things like current tracking and MMM.  Business leaders need to commit to deploying a measurement system that puts Paid, Owned and Earned on the same level and bring humanity back to our data and decision making”.

Here's what Dana had to say about the interview:

“It’s amazing that Experience Metrics are getting the attention they deserve when it comes to making better marketing investment decisions. While it’s been our best kept secret for over 15 years at MESH, we are ready to let the cat out of the bag and look forward to bringing our clients along with us. Matt and I had a ton of fun on stage, and I’m humbled by this opportunity to be live with the Chairman at such a prestigious event.”

You can see the whole interview here: https://newyork.advertisingweek.com/aw/schedule/session/-578-2023-10-16-1240-partner-session 

Questions? Interested in measuring better? Contact Dana at danadigregorio@meshexperience.com

About MESH Experience

MESH Experience is a data, analytics, and insight consultancy working with Fortune 500 companies like Delta Air Lines and LG Electronics. The company focuses on measuring experiences to help forward-thinking organizations to make better marcoms, CX, and path to purchase investment decisions through understanding the whole customer experience. MESH Experience’s unique Real-time Experience Tracking (RET) aims to help clients see the world through the customers’ eyes. The company collects and analyses data in real-time across the full spectrum of what people experience about a brand - all paid, owned, and earned touchpoints – allowing brands and campaigns to be set in their proper context. More information on the company’s notable achievements, case studies, key leadership, and history can be found at www.meshexperience.com.

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