350% sales uplift driven by understanding experiences

This case study shows how a MESH Experience partnered with a financial services player to transform their brand and generate phenomenal revenue growth.

Imagine a company where the Marketing Director no longer needs to get sign-off for each and every single creative, or has to justify individual media budget allocations, can build strong cases for protecting and increasing the marketing budget levels or creative investment, and where the executive has confidence that decisions are made on evidence, data, and most of all results.

Welcome to the world of the Marketing Director in our financial services client!

Our client wanted to disrupt the protocol investment advertising with rate-led press ads around year-end using a serious tone of voice. They needed strong and impartial evidence to report to the C-Suite and an approach that all internal stakeholders and external partners would buy into.

The financial services player worked with MESH Experience in a 4-year partnership using innovative real-time experience research. The approach looks through the customers’ eyes to capture every brand encounter “in the moment”, meaning that every stakeholder, whether creative, media, PR or CRM, can see how their work fits into a customer’s life. It takes a brave client to embrace research where there is nowhere to hide from the results! But these results and the difficult conversations they facilitate at the implementation level to make positive change, have given our client the opportunity to innovate with confidence and gain the complete trust of the board.

The results were transformative! The financial services player and MESH Experience partnership has contributed to stunning business performance. Sales have increased by 350%! ROMI increased considerably and new customers grew by 136%, demonstrating the benefits of a partnership that helps put the customer at the heart of business decisions.

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Author: Fiona Blades -- President and Chief Experience Officer

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