A Marketers Guide to Measuring Sponsorship


Sponsorship is notoriously difficult for brands to measure. Marketers face challenges in trying to understand the impact and determine the ROI of sponsorship activity.

Don’t worry, because MESH Experience has been measuring sponsorship for our clients for over 17 years. And since we collect experiences people have with brands and categories across all touchpoints, we can see the impact of sponsorship compared to that of other Paid, Owned and Earned touchpoints as well. This guide summarizes what we know, and how we apply it when it comes to measuring sports sponsorship for our clients.

The key points our guide will cover:

  1. Clarity on your goals
    Tailor your sponsorship measurement to align with your broader brand goals.
  2. Understand your Audience
    Let’s draw learnings from going broad and deep with your target audiences.
  3. Measure the total impact of your sports sponsorship
    We’ll highlight how you can measure your additional activation around your sponsorship, involve your stakeholders and create an action list for future sponsorship investment.

Want to see it in action?  Download our guide now below and you'll also unlock access to our sponsorship touchpoint dashboard to see the value of measuring in real-time up close and personal!

Download our Going for Gold guide on sponsorship measurement now!

Author: Fiona Blades -- President and Chief Experience Officer

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