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Market Research Trends

The Retail Revolution: How New Technology is Optimising Real-Time Experience Data in Measuring ROI

The future of retail is transforming before our eyes at a speed we may not have imagined possible. “America is facing a ‘retail refugee crisis’ as thousands of stores shut down and millions of people become the ‘blacksmiths of their era’” (Business Insider, September 2017).

Experience Marketing Metrics

Is Share of Experience the NEW Share of Voice?

Share of voice (SOV) has always been an important metric for marketers to monitor. It helps us to understand how prominently we are promoting our brand versus competitors. But SOV only measures what we, as marketers, push out.

Market Research Metrics

Redesigning a Brand Tracker: Helping LATAM Airlines Soar to New Heights

We’re well aware of the challenges of converting insight to impact. In this paper, presented by MESH Experience and LATAM airline at ESOMAR LATAM in Buenos Aires last month, we explored how taking a human-centered, lean approach to research generated insight that made a real difference to..