Drivers of Persuasion in Retail Banking

No other sector needs to rebuild trust, consideration and advocacy in the way retail banking does. In addition, the continuing digital revolution is increasing media fragmentation, making it more challenging for media planners to get the best..

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The Marketing Society feature Fiona Blades on the hidden drivers of persuasion in retail banking.

Five rules to make a positive impact on brand consideration in your brand

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The Challenge for Challenger Banks

Challenger banks are all the rage! From Atom to Monzo, Virgin to Metro, everybody’s talking about the changing face of banking. Open banking and the CASS initiative is laying the groundwork for easy switching.

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Which Bank Really is No. 1 in the UK?

The advent of publicly published league tables of customer service quality for banks has made a few waves. First Direct topped the table of customers surveyed – and promptly trumpeted the fact through all conceivable media. But does this make..

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Are All Your Media Working As Hard As They Can?

Marketing and insight clients often ask us: How can I get a picture of how all my touchpoints work together? How can I understand the effectiveness of owned and earned media as well as paid media? Which media should I be putting my budget towards..

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What is the Real Human Meaning Behind Your Brand?

The whole idea of ‘brand purpose’ is everywhere these days. For marketers, it’s not just about nice words, but about knowing how people really feel about their brand, and what is really driving brand loyalty in today’s world.

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Campaigns in Context: See the World Through Your Customers' Eyes

For the last year, I and MESH Experience have been working to collect and analyse data across the full spectrum of what people experience about UK retail banking brands - all paid, owned, and earned touchpoints.

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